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  1. Percolation theory and some applications
  2. 1st Edition
  3. MA3H2 Markov Processes and Percolation Theory
  4. Canadian Journal of Forest Research

The values of the critical thresholds in the nonwind-driven experiments are those of the percolation theory.

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The critical exponent, obtained for wind-driven experiments, is in accordance with current values suggested by the directed percolation approach. If you have an individual subscription to this journal, or if you have purchased this article through Pay-Per-view , you can gain access by logging in with your username and password here:.

Percolation theory and some applications

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Fire spreading experiments on heterogeneous fuel beds. Applications of percolation theory. Abstract In the experimental work presented here, fire spread was studied through various laboratory and full-scale models containing different types of combustible and noncombustible materials.

Stoiljkovich Dragoslav: Charge percolation mechanism of olefins polymerization

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1st Edition

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MA3H2 Markov Processes and Percolation Theory

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Canadian Journal of Forest Research

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